VITAL INFORMATION - Vitalization (2007)

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VITAL INFORMATION - Vitalization (2007)

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VITAL INFORMATION - Vitalization (2007)

Vital Information biography
"Aligning the laws of physics and not breaking the laws of nature" - Steve Smith

An amalgam of numerous musical styles, Vital Information has perpetually evolved by provenance of the virtuosic faculties of it`s individual members and holds the distinction of being one of the most enduring fusion/jazz ensembles currently recording and touring as a regular unit. Ignited as a side project in 1983 by master drummer Steve Smith who was playing with arena rock band Journey at the time, Vital Information would include a calvacade of in-demand session and jazz musicians both as regular members and guest players over the course of the next quarter century. The current lineup of Steve Smith on drums, long serving keyboardist Tom Coster, veteran bassist Baron Browne and newcomer, critically acclaimed Vinny Valentino on guitar, play a sizzling brand of jazz/rock which nods back to bygone eras affected with forward-looking avidity. Rooted in such diversities as American jazz from the 20s, big band imprints, bop tendancies and world beat pulsations, combined with the ire of rock music Vital Information have constantly pushed the boundaries of modern music.

The calibre of individual talents that have been involved with the group over the years form an uncanny exponential aggregate of their separate parts and have been actively involved with their own side projects during their various tenures. Steve Smith himself, who has been playing drums since childhood, studied at the Berklee School Of Music in the seventies and has played everything from avant-jazz to pop music, recording with literally hundreds of artists and has won Modern Drummer magazine`s #1 best all round drummer award 5 times in a row . Past Vital Information alumni have included renowned fusion guitarist Mike Stern, session bassist Tim Landers ( BB King, Stevie Nicks & The Crimson Jazz Trio ), reedman Dave Wilczewski, who went on to become a prominent European session man and Australian guitarist Frank Gambale ( Chick Corea, Jean Luc Ponty ) who is noted for his unique sweep picking guitar technique who, in addition to playing on 7 Vital Information albums, has also released over a dozen solo albums and is also actively involved in music education. More recently, celebrated saxman Bill Evans who has played with such notables as Miles Davis, John McLaughlin and Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull added his voice to Vital Information`s grooves on the 2007 album "Vitalization".

Year: 2007
Origin: USA
Genre: Jazz Rock/Fusion
Quality: (FLAC,cue,Log, not cover,3% Recovery record)
Size: 457mb
Source: My CD collection

Track List:

1. Interwoven Rhythms - Synchronos ( 3:24 )
2. Get Serious ( 5:55 )
3. The Trouble With ( 7:04 )
4. Bottom Line ( 6:36 )
5. Seven And A Half ( 6:32 )
6. Interwoven Rhythms: Dialogue ( 3:01 )
7. J Ben Jazz ( 6:52 )
8. Groove Time ( 4:14 )
9. You Know What I Mean ( 6:03 )
10.The Closer ( 9:19 )
11.Jimmy Jive ( 4:51 )
12.Positano ( 3:07 )

Total Time : 66:58

Line-up / Musicians:

Vinny Valentino / guitar
Tom Coster / keyboards, accordian
Baron Browne / bass
Bill Evans / soprano & tenor saxophones
Steve Smith / drums, konnakol
Pete Lockett / tabla, kanjira, konnakol, percussion
Gilad / congas, percussion
Juan Carlos Meiian / congas, percussion


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