Harald Grosskopf (Germany)

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Harald Grosskopf (Germany)

Сообщение автор Pollux в Пт Мар 05, 2010 11:03 am

Artist: Harald Grosskopf
Album: Synthesist
Year: 1980
Label: Think Progressive
Style: Progressive Rock
Genre: Electronic
Format: Flac (separate) +Cue+Log+Scans
Size: 277MB

Source: CD Collection

Harald Grosskopf was the first drummer and percussionist in the world of electronic music to perform with sequencers. First with Manuel Goettsching's cult space rock band Ashra from the seventieth, also drumming for the speed symphonic rock Wallenstein and also for Klaus Schule's classic analog synth albums. He aslo released seven albums in solo. Published for the legendary sky records, "synthesist" (1980) and "Oceanheart" (1985) figure at the top. In the 90's he started with Axel Heilhecker the band project Sunya Beat. He also collaborated with Steve Baltes (computer, key) for numerous works (N-Tribe...)

Studio Album, released in 1980

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. So weit, so gut (05:24)
2. B. Aldrian (04:51)
3. Emphasis (04:55)
4. Synthesist (07:34)
5. 1847-Earth (06:43)
6. Trauma (06:37)
7. Transcendental Overdrive (05:03)
8. Tai Ki (04:09)

Line-up / Musicians

Harald Grosskopf / keyboards, drums & percussions

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Re: Harald Grosskopf (Germany)

Сообщение автор spAceLover в Пт Мар 05, 2010 3:11 pm

Thank you very much, Phil! Harald is the great drummer and his works with KS are so fine! sunny

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Re: Harald Grosskopf (Germany)

Сообщение автор Frodo Bolson в Сб Июн 26, 2010 6:13 pm

I had not seen this post yet!!! Shocked Shocked Shocked

Very Happy Thank you again & again Phil! Smile
Frodo Bolson

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Re: Harald Grosskopf (Germany)

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