Ange - 70’s / 80’s 2 Décennies De Concerts DVD

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Ange - 70’s / 80’s 2 Décennies De Concerts DVD

Сообщение автор Johnik в Чт Фев 11, 2010 7:00 pm

Ange - 70’s / 80’s 2 Décennies De Concerts DVD

Страна исполнителя: Франция
Стиль: Symphonic Prog, Art rock
Качество: DVD5, 4:3
Формат: DVD Video
Видео кодек: MPEG2
Аудио кодек: AC3
Аудио каналы 2
Размер: 4,49 gb
Продолжительность: 120 минут

Ange biography
Formed in late 1969 by brothers Christian Descamps (vocals) and Francis Descamps (keyboards) and later joined by guitarist Jean-Michel Brézovar, bassist Daniel Haas and Gérard Jelsh on drums, this French symphonic progressive rock band, similar to contemporaries such as Genesis and King Crimson, is undoubtedly France's most important prog band. Marrying prog rock influences with French folk and theatrical vocals à la Jacques Brel (Ange covered Ces Gens-là from Brel, and it turned out to be their first hit in 1970), Ange's music, but mostly their lyrics, are second to none. Thirty years later, after multiple lineup changes, charismatic and theatrical frontman Christian Descamps leads the new Ange generation alongside his son Tristan on keyboards, Hassan Hajdi on guitars, Thierry Sidhoun on bass, Caroline Crozat on vocals and Benoît Cazzulini on drums.

The classic line up (except for the drummer which changed often) recorded many cult classics, such as « Caricatures », « Le Cimetière des Arlequins », and a series of masterpieces like « Au-delà du Délire », « Émile Jacotey », « Par les Fils de Mandrin » and « Guet-Apens ». 10 years after « Guet-Apens », the same lineup would reunite and release two albums, « Sève qui Peut » in 1989 and « Les larmes du Dalaï-Lama » in 1992. While being modern, these albums nevertheless captured the main ingredients unique to Ange. Their latest albums, « Culinaire Lingus » and « ? » see the band as inspired and pertinent as ever, as if Descamps had found the secret of eternal youth.

This band is more than highly recommended, it is mandatory listening for fans of theatrical symphonic progressive rock, especially the period between « Caricatures » and « Guet-Apens ».

Говорят, что это смесь Genesis+King Crimson + Vandergraaf generator я тут дженезис не услышал вообще, а вот для любителей КС и товарища Хеммила-это бальзам на душу
Здесь представлен ДВД 5, если кому нужен DVD 9 этого же издания -обращаться к Вадику sole-survivor
Тут качество очень приличное тоже

Track Listing:
Interview Christian DÉCamps /
Par Les Fils De Mandrin /
Au Café Du Colibri /
Ainsi S’en Ira La Pluie /
Autour Du Feu /
Saltimbanques /
Atlantis – Hymne A La Vie /
Le Soir Du Diable /
Sur La Trace Des Fées /
Le Nain De Stanislas /
Fils De Lumière Au-Dela Du Délire – Les Noces /
Les Temps Modernes /
Les Yeux D’un Fou /
(Je N’suis) Là Pour Personne /
Guignols /
(La Chasse) /
Fou /
Crever D’amour (Prélude) /
Crever D’amour (Coït Terminal) /
Ces Gens-Là

Bonus : 10 minutes of rare archive photos with commentary by Christian Décamps

Christian Décamps – vocals
Francis Décamps – keyboards
Danie Haas – bass
Jean-Michel Brezovar – guitars
Jean-Pierre Guichard - drums

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