Birds And Buildings-Bantam To Behemoth(2008)

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Birds And Buildings-Bantam To Behemoth(2008)

Сообщение автор pars в Ср Май 06, 2009 11:54 pm

Prog Sub-Genre: Eclectic Prog
Origin: United States

New project from Dan Britton of Deluge Grander. A mostly instrumental album with a great jazzy groove that remind me a lot of early Bruford, but also a symphonic touch that recalls Genesis and Yes. The vocals by Britton are very strange. They are very far back in the soundpicture, and I suspect that they are menat mostly as another instrument. A great singer he is not! But luckily there’s not much of it. Proper vocals on 1 song though by Megan Wheatley.
Progarchives ratings 4.37(19)
Studio Album, released in 2008
Выходной формат : EAC/FLAC
Выбранный битрейт : 1024 kBit/s
Size: 473 МБ (496 402 432 байт)
Выходной формат : MP3(LAME)
Выбранный битрейт : 320 kBit/s
Size: 150 МБ (157 831 168 байт)
Total Time: 69:22

Dan Britton (keyboards, guitars) is known already for his previous bands Cerebus Effect and Deluge Grander. Here he has created another project with Malcolm McDuffie (drums, trumpet, viola), Brian Falkowski (saxes, flute clarinet) and Brett d'Anon (bass, guitar) which plays on Deluge Grander as well.
In their Myspace, Dan says about himself that he likes all prog, especially Magma and Genesis. Indeed the first release by B&B has an amalgam of styles on it, notably the swirling and mesmerizing sound of zeuhl a-la Magma, while not neglecting the symphonic prog side and adding some fusion into the equation. This band seems to take the best of the two previous projects and incorporate their sounds, mixing them together into one. If you liked any of Britton’s previous band’s, this will surely appeal to you. Alternatively, this will appeal to anyone who likes variety, dynamics, top-notch musicianship and intricate composing style.

Track Listings :

1. Birds Flying Into Buildings (9:13)
2. Terra Fire (3:36)
3. Tunguska (6:33)
4. Caution Congregates and Forms a Storm (10:53)
5. Chronicle of the Invisible River of Stone (9:19)
6. Yucatan 65: The Agitation of the Mass (10:35)
7. Chakra Khan (5:59)
8. Battalion (9:55)
9. Sunken City, Sunny Day (3:19)

- Dan Britton / keyboards, guitars, vocals
- Malcolm McDuffie / drums
- Brian Falkowski / saxophones, flute, clarinet
- Brett d'Anon / bass, guitars
- Megan Wheatley / vocals (5)


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