The Code of Rules

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The Code of Rules

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The Code of Rules

We, the multinational people of the World Wide Web,
united by a common interest in music in the city of Melomonkeys,
who came together to exchange music and communication,
- preserving the historical tradition of musical exchange,
on the basis of universally recognized principles of freedom of choice and freedom of opinion,
- honoring and respecting the work of musicians, giving us food for thought and soul with their creativity,
- believing in the nobility and the educational value of unselfish sharing of musical culture of all times and peoples, as well as the conservation of these materials for posterior generations,
- claiming absence of cultural boundaries, as well as the democratic basis for communication for all music lovers
- trying for prosperity of the city of Melomonkeys,
- proceeding from the responsibility for our common Home for present and future generations of music lovers,
- being conscious of ourselves as part of the world community,
accept the Legal Basis for the existence of the city of Melomonkeys.

The Code of Rules starts with the publication in the relevant section. It’s to be applied to all residents of the city, as already registered and those who wish to be registered. If you do not agree with these rules in whole or in any part, then you are free to leave town or refuse to register here. Your real registration automatically indicates that you agree with our rules and ready to be responsible for your deeds here.


I. Citizens and relationships in society.

1. We
The rights, duties, as well as the possibility of the townspeople are determined by their status. Dividing into groups and assigning a status reflects the actual contribution to the city life, established reputation and a measure of responsibility for your own actions and those of other citizens.

a) Groups

* The City Headquarters - a closed group, established historically. It carries major global leadership life of the city, accepts or approves the final decisions on all issues. The voting members of the group are equal to each other, but each has its own area of responsibility, as agreed among themselves. Orders in the forum’s admin panel.
pr0gger – Founder
sole-survivor – Burgermeister (the Mayor)
Musicgate - Aqsakal (the Elder)

* City Council - at the time before The Code of Rules, it is a historically constituted and limited group. In the future, there is a possibility to join this group, or to be excluded, as required. Each new accepting person discussed individually within the group. First of all, administrators are responsible for maintaining order in their ‘quarters’ (sections). Also taking part in the adoption of socially important decisions, they have a deliberative voice in matters that are dealt with city headquarters.

* Moderators - city dwellers who apply for a full-fledged musical post will automatically fall into this group. If desired, any can claim his own ‘house’ (subdirectory) within some ‘quarter’, and from that time he will be responsible for the order in his ‘house’. Moderators have the right of deliberative vote in the decisions of administrators.

* User - ordinary users who do not have special rights and are only responsible for their behavior in the city. In an accessible public area they can raise any topics that do not contradict The Code of Rules.

* Banned - citizens deprived of all rights and access to the city, temporarily or permanently, for violations punished with Ban.

b) Relations between groups.

For members of one group all rights are equal.
Parent group by default is part of the lower and has their rights.
The legitimate and reasonable demands of the representative of the higher binding member of the inferior. Failure to comply may result in punishment up to the ban.
The Headquarters stuff, Administrators and Moderators should not abuse their status within the normal communication. But when formal intervention is required, must additionally announces the official status of their actions.

2. Etiquette
All residents, regardless of status, are equally worthy of respect to their relationship and have an obligation to keep this in mind, communicating with each other. It is also necessary to remember that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but this opinion should not be frankly insulting to others.

a) In the city there is a prohibition for any form (open, hidden, disguised, obscene, and censorship) of insults, disrespect, rudeness, boorishness, and other forms of communication, which hurt the dignity of every person, regardless of whether he is present in the city or not, whether did he the cause or not. As it is not permissible to abuse any of obscene lexics in the "peaceful purposes".
Violation of these rules is halted by removing all invalid comments and Warning. In the case of regular violations of this rule a user will get the ban, temporarily or permanently (in incorrigible cases).

b) It is unacceptable to threaten and provoke the creation of a conflict situation (known as Trolling). All personal disputes, conflicts and misunderstandings should be resolved in a personal messages area or, in extreme cases, any can appeal to The City Headquarters or admins, depending on the nature and location of the conflict.
Violation will be repressed as it’s described in the previous paragraph.

c) Requests adressing to a releaser and also requests to add some missing information or to clarify any relevant details on the content of the post and the proposed archives, are not considered unreasonable claims, and more over, they must be fulfilled. Regular ignoring of such questions/requests or inadequate answers should be punished. After the formal Warning it may be a drop in status from a Moderator (=Releaser) to a simple User or a temporary ban. The decision will be taken by The City Headquarters.
The only reason to ignore legitimate questions - is rude and abusive form of these requests themselves. In this case, a comment with a question may be removed by the Administrator.

3. Discussion of the rules
The current Code of Rules becomes a law from the very moment of an official adoption, and regulates any key aspects of relationships and behavior of citizens. The legitimacy of this law is no doubt.

a) Any comments questioning the essence of the law, in whole or in part, demonstrative conviction of legitimate practice of the established rules are considered a violation and may be removed. The author of such statements will receive a Warning and could be downgraded in status, as in the case of regular violations can get a temporary Ban.

b) In case the discussion of existing rules and other inappropriate conversations acquire the character of Trolling, ie with deliberately destructive and provocative nature, a permanent ban may be selected as a preventive measure.

c) If a citizen has reasonable grounds to believe any of the articles of The Code of Rules unfair or in violation of someone's natural rights, as well as it has a concrete constructive proposals, he may formally raise this issue in the Legislative Assembly, in the section designated for such proposals and public debate.

II. Rules of publication and use

1. Publication
The main subject of publication / sharing in our city is the music presented in different forms and other related materials. All this is given by releasers voluntarily and with non-commercial purposes. Each publication must meet the following basic requirements:

a) Source
The author of the publication shall indicate the source of rip. The term "source" is an authorship of a rip and physical characteristics of the carrier from which the rip made (CD, CD-R, DVD-A, etc).
Own original rips always have priority over ris taken from the network.
In the case where the releaser posts a not-his-own rip, at first he must indicate the author of that rip, as well as a resource from which that rip was received. If this information is lost in whole or in part, it is needed to report about this in the post.
As in the case of unknown, questionable authorship and the unreliability of the rip, it is necessary to publish a LOG file for this rip.

b) Accuracy of information
The author of the publication must provide complete and accurate information about the content of the proposed archives. In the event of inaccuracies and errors, the information must be corrected.
Do not abuse the references to the loss of information.

c) Filehosters
It is strictly prohibited for releasers to use any commercial filehosters. Among these are all, in which a releaser can get the specific material benefit from uploading. The amount of profit is irrelevant.
A list of such filehosters is not published here deliberately, since the conditions of the uploading may vary. All questions about the category of any suitable filehoster are to solved as they arise and at the moment.
In the case of using of commercial filehoster by ignorance, a releaser must remove or replace his links after the warning from admins.
In case of refusal or deliberate use of commercial filehoster, a releaser gets ‘banned’ status forever, and links are to be removed.

d) Other materials
On the publication of video material there are the same basic rules as for the publication of music.
The publication of any text, quotations and other copyright material must be accompanied by an indication of the author (if possible), referring to the resource origin, the name of the resource or an indication of another source. In case of loss of such information, a releaser must explicitly say so.

In the case of the need to establish more detailed rules for the publication, any new rules may be filed in additional legislative documents, as a supplement to the basic rules given in this Code.

Violation of the above rules of publication should be corrected at the first requirement. In case of refusal, it will cause a drop in status, temporary ban and deletion of incorrect publications. Routine and deliberate disregard of these requirements may be punished with a ban forever.

2. The use of shared materials
All published material is made available for informational purposes only, and only for private use, by way of friendly exchange. Accordingly, any other use is unacceptable.

a) Dissemination of materials taken in Melomonkeys
Any distribution of copyright materials outside the city ‘borders’ is only possible after written consent of the rip’s author at specified conditions, if any.
Absolutely prohibits the use of commercial heat filehosters in the dissemination of the material here, even it was stipulated with the author rip specially.

b) An authorshop of a rip
If you are distributing original author’s rip outside the city borders, the author's name should be mentioned without fail, by default.
The exception is when the author himself asks not to mention it.

c) Other copyrighted material
Distribution of copyright material, non ripami, also must be accompanied by an indication of the author or the direct link. Copyright materials may be considered all statements of rights, reviews, translations, photographs, author compilation, or redefining the third-party materials and other intellectual property.
If the author states unequivocally that publishes its intellectual property rights only for ‘internal’ use within Melomonkeys, his desire could not be challenged or violated.

If it becomes known that the citizen violates the above described procedure for the use of forum materials, he receives a warning, a lowering the status and a temporary ban. If the offender is not ready for an opportunity to correct the violation or to remove the materials (replicated without permission or for any material benefits) and demonstrates the intention to continue to violate the rules, he will be banned forever.

3. Deliberate deception
All residents, communicating in the space common for us, are to proceed from the fact that information of any nature, which we are sharing here, is reliable or committed to reliability, on the basis of objective possibility.

a) If it becomes known that a reliser deliberately and intentionally provides false information in its publications, deliberately misleading about the quality and origin of the rip, then he shall be punished by a decrease in status, and temporary ban. Also violator must correct any false information and publicly apologize to the townspeople. If the offender continues to give false information, the ban is forever.

b) If it becomes known that a citizen knowingly disseminates false information relating to the whole town or some people, makes promises that are clearly not going to perform, or double-dealer, he is punished the same way as described in the paragraph above.

Due to the fact that similar violations do not evident and unequivocal, and specific evidence, allegations and suspicions are not evidence-based can not bear any consequences or be regarded as an objective situation.

4. Additional rules
In a separate ‘quarter’, ‘house’ (personal subsection) or a separate publication it may be established additional rules for the publication or use of materials that do not contradict the basic City Rules. Such rules should be publicly available and clearly stated.
In cases where additional rules apply to the entire quarter or nominal clause, they must be published in the attached theme.
If additional rules apply to certain publications, they should be clearly stated right in it.
Additional requirements, if not stipulated, may not be offered in aposterior way.
If reliser requires special relationship to his posts, he should submit his requests in advance. All claims to the users, made retroactively, are deemed unfounded.

III. Mechanisms of city self-management

1. Registration at the Forum
Registration is conducted in a free manner, without special invitations and recommendations.

a) Before asking an access to the Users group, a potential citizen is obliged to familiarize with the The Code of Rules. If these rules conflict with their personal beliefs, then register at the forum is not recommended. If the application is submitted, it is considered a full and unconditional agreement to follow these rules, to comply with legal requirements and take responsibility for their own illegal actions.

b) The admission of new residents and assigning them the status of Users is to be made by The City Headquarters.
If the person filing the application, has a strong negative reputation in the community of musical exchanges (not just in this forum), then the registration may be denied. The applicant will immediately get the group Banned. The decision to refuse taken collectively, that is must be at least two of the three persons from The City Headquarters.

c) If there are reasonable grounds for believing that a neutral name of a person who has submitted an application for registration, hiding the banned person or persons with an established reputation as a negative, then the scheme of action repeats the paragraph above.

d) That’s why a person who got an access as a new User is to make a single comment HERE as soon as possible for his entering the Users’ group: then his IP will be indentified by The Headquarters and it will be the end of the Registration process. If his IP will be recognized as an IP of the previously banned person, he will be cut off the forum again.

2. Decisions about banned
Since the decision to ban the townspeople radically affect their rights, it should not be taken unnecessarily, emotionally, without complying with prescribed lower mechanism and legal basis set out in this Code about conditions at various points.

a) The City Headquarters only (personally: pr0gger, sole-survivor, Musicgate) have a right to ban a citizen.

b) In order to initiate the procedure of banning, it requires a violation of one of the city's rules, as well as prescribed punishment for that violation in the form of the ban.
Warning of a possible ban is published either in the place of violation, or in a special topic, designated under the topic ‘Banned’ (HERE). Since then, The City Headquarters have a day for a final decision. The decision taken collectively by a majority vote, ie at least two, the voting takes place in public. Also, if desired, administrators have the right to express their opinions, but their opinions can only take note of, and actually considered.
If there are reasons (the need to halt destructive development of the situation), the violator may be banned immediately, but the final decision will act the next day.
The decision itself must be published in a special topic (HERE) and contain the following information: who, occasion (link to topic/topics of violation), violated rule, temporal or permanent ban.

c) If during the designated ‘whole day for a decision’, an issue of a ban of a particular person gets an extremely hot public reaction, The City Headquarters may jointly decide to extend the discussion. Then all the citizens can express themselves, but the final decision adopted by a vote of The City Headquarters, by a simple majority of votes. Time for extended discussion can be extended up to three days maximum.

d) A rehabilitation of indefinitely banned persons is potential. Each case will be considered individually, taking all available information about the considered person into account. The decision will be taken by The City Headquarters. In the case of the active interest of many citizens, the decision may be extended as described in paragraph above.

e) The registration account of any citizen who has not been here for too long and who takes no visible part in the life of the city, can be removed. The term of such absence is determined in about 3-4 months. It is necesarry to announce an alleged mass removal the one day before it (maximum) in the topic dedicated to bans. The decision will be adopted and implemented by The City Headquarters.
Moderators, ie releasers, can not be deleted on the basis of a long absence.
If a person regularly presents in the city, but does not manifest himself more than half a year, his account can be removed, but only after a personal warning.
Citizens, which will have a long period of absence for any personal reasons, may warn admins a special topic (HERE) and then they will not be removed.
Deleted inactive person if desired may be re-registered on the common grounds.

3. Current management

a) The order in the main part of the city, in the musical ‘quarters’, is maintained by the townspeople themselves, the areas of responsibility are allocated in accordance with users’ ranks. Citizens can not only monitor compliance with The Code, but must do so.
Moderators are responsible for their publication and all the discussions in their topics.
Administrators are responsible for his/her ‘quarters’, a common structural unity and the maintenance of order.
The City Headquarters intervenes in private situations as needed, if the administrators and moderators can not perform their duties or if they request the intervention.

b) the order in the public area, called the Town Hall, is maintained by The City Headquarters. They define the structure of this part of town, the permissibility of emerging discussions and access of citizens to certain topics (the possibility of view, the possibility of comments).

c) Any dispute, disagreement with the actions of the administration or the resolution of problems (which are not prescribed in the Rules section) may be submitted by any city dweller for public discussion or vote. The City Headquarters can determine the number of people taking a final decision, depending on the question itself and the degree of its importance, listening to the views of other citizens.
Decisions on important issues for the whole city can be a formal application to the basic legal document, and shall come into force after publication in the relevant section.

d) The current Code of Rules can be changed drastically or partially.
The changes imply a change in the conditions of existence of the city, changing the goals of existence of the city or other objective changes, requiring adjustment of the rules.
Global and partial changes are initiated by the specific proposals in the Legislative Assembly. After a general discussion and voting, those changes can be adopted and come into force after its publication.

Here at the Rules document, we do not give unambiguous methods of restraint and punishment of violations, but only provide a possible range. Every decision should be based on specific circumstances, taking into account all known facts as possible to avoid radical measures.

IV. Additions, recommendations, suggestions
(it do not have the status of the Rules and do not involve punishment for non-compliance)

1. Separation of official and private actions
It is recommended for Headquarters, admins and moderators (to avoid confusion and misunderstandings) to bring order to all their official actions and to separate them from the ordinary replicas (maybe graphically separated or accompanied by a verbal indication). Also it is not advisable to remove anything without a trace and anonymously. It is desirable to leave the post with the signature of its creator and with statement concerning to a deletion of a text if necessary.

2. The titles of topics
It is recommended for topics’ starters to give any them a clear title, which shows what you published. We do not recommend one topic to gather different artists/bands, especially if they do not share a common theme/genre.
If a single topic contains a few albums, it is recommended to change the title of each comment in accordance with an album published there. The same is recommended if you still merge different artists into a single topic.

3. Doubles
To avoid ‘doubles’, it is recommended to use the SEARCH function of the forum.
Original rips can duplicate the previously published ‘rips from the network’ without any questions and doubts. In other cases, it is not recommended to double something already posted at forum. In this condition, the double is only treated as the publication fully identical to the publication of the same album’ archive of the same quality. Alternative filehoster or links renewed by other releaser (if it’s dead after the first publication) can be considered as a partially useful double. In any case, if you have a personal reason to make a double, just let us know about it in the original topic of the first releaser, to avoid removing or questions.

4. Deleting of own topic/subdirectory
Each releaser has a right to remove his content, partially or completely. However, it is recommended to do it carefully, not hurting the interests of other citizens. Before you’ll delete a topic or the entire noun clause, make sure that in this case you have not deleted the informative posts of other citizens. For example, you add interesting information and informative reviews to your topics albums. In such a situation it is recommended to clear only the contents of your posts, without removing all the while, with the subsequent remarks.
Respect the contribution of others in common cause.

5. Information needed for the townspeople

a) The invisible link
Because of peculiarities of this place’ engine, a user (marked ‘green’) can not see links enclosed into the tags "hide". If you have every reason to believe that the links are hidden somewhere, you just need to leave a comment in this topic (for example, with thanks in advance), and hidden links become visible.
It is recommended for releasers not to use the tags "hide" without any real need. Its use makes sense only if you want to see a mandatory basis for all ordinary users, having access to your links.

b) References to the filehosters
For some time, all references to the filehosters are automatically redirected to an intermediate page or a non-existent one. In the first case it is enough to make one more click on the direct link, while the second would have to manually replace the non-existent address with the address of the real filehoster.
It is recommended for releasers not only to put the link itself, but for clarity, in addition to write the name of the proposed filehoster.
Site spam-site.www in the original Latin spelling everywhere replaced by spam sites. Accordingly, if you send the link of the form:
it must be corrected before the state
http://narod * ru/disk/21373038000/TheloMon-64ItMonTimac.rar.html, where * - this is the usual dot.

c) New sections and subsections
If you want to create your own ‘house’ (subsection) in the existing ‘quarter’ (section), you need to make such a request to the Headquarters and to the administrator of that existing section. And if there are no objective reasons for refusal, you will get ‘a separate apartment’.

d) Forum Search
The internal forum search only works on titles of topics and titles of comments. Accordingly, it finds the only titles that fall into these titles. As a result of the search, you get a list of topics, and if the desired is not appeared in the head topic, then it is in one of the replica responses following the title post.

e) Library and the Index
In the City Library, we collect various information about musical materials, such as copyrights, as well as from other sources. There also an Encyclopedian Index exists: # 9023
And the home pages of specific performers can be accessed through this alphabetical list. The index does not reflect the full list of what was published in the city, but may facilitate the search for some extensive discography, scattered around the city, in some ‘parts’ of it.

This The Code of Rules is not retroactive.
All discrepancies - have arisen before these Rules took their effect - are not considered violations. However, requests to correct the specific discrepancies must be implemented.

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