Kick Axe - Vices (1984, Epic)[Vinyl rip]

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Kick Axe - Vices (1984, Epic)[Vinyl rip]

Сообщение автор olaf_alien в Вт Июл 20, 2010 4:50 pm

Artist: Kick Axe
Album: Vices
Year: 1984
Label: Epic EPC 26051
Genre: Rock
Style: Hard Rock, Glam Metal
Format: Lossless
Form: RAR(+3%) Flac(separate)+SCANS
Size: 302 Mb
Vinyl rip: 48kHz/32bit -> Remastering -> Converting to 44kHz/16bit
Source: My LP collection
Kick Axe is the name of a heavy metal band from Canada that reached its climax in the 1980s.
They produced four albums during their career, with the longest gap between albums being 18 years. The albums are: Vices, Welcome to the Club, Rock the World and Kick Axe IV.
The band had minor success and was able to tour with some of the biggest names in the mid-1980s before disbanding. The band managed to be signed to the label that made Quiet Riot headliners, but was never able to match the same level of stardom.

George Criston - Lead vocals
Larry Gillstrom - Lead / Rhythm guitars & Backing vocals
Raymond Harvey - Lead / Rhythm guitars & Backing vocals
Victor Langen - Bass guitar & Backing vocals
Brian Gillstrom - Drums & Backing vocals

1. Heavy Metal Shuffle (3:15)
2. Vices (4:22)
3. Stay on Top (4:06)
4. Dreamin' About U (4:32)
5. Maneater (3:21)
6. On the Road to Rock (4:22)
7. Cause 4 Alarm (4:38)
8. Alive and Kickin' (3:50)
9. All the Right Moves (4:36)
10. Just Passin' Through (4:47)


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