Cervello [Italy] - Melos, 1973 [2003, BMG Ricordi S.p.A]

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Cervello [Italy] - Melos, 1973 [2003, BMG Ricordi S.p.A]

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Artist: Cervello
Album: Melos
Year: 1973
Label: 2003, BMG Ricordi S.p.A
Style: Progressive Rock
Genre: Rock Progressivo Italiano
Format: WV+LOG+CUE+Scans
Size: 256 MB
Source: eMule


CERVELLO is a band that is very similar to OSANNA. The music ranges from heavy to spacey to pastoral and includes touches of jazz and classical influences. Instrumentation contains flute, piccolo, sax, acoustic guitar and vibraphones in addition to the usual electric guitars, synths, drums and bass.

Otherwise, if you like good Italian symphonic Prog with lots of heaviness (ala OSANNA, SEMIRAMIS, IL BALLETTO DI BRONZO, etc.) then you'll want to check out CERVELLO. "Melos" is a stunning masterpiece from beginning to end. Connoisseurs of Italian progressive rock should make "Melos" a high priority. Quite good and quite recommended.

Line-up / Musicians:
Antonio Spagnolo — 6 & 12 string acoustic guitar, bass, pedal, recorder, vocals
Giulio D'Ambrosio — electric sax (contralto & tenor), flute, vocals
Corrado Rustici — guitar, recorder, flute, vibraphone, vocals
Gianluigi Di Franco — lead vocals, flute, small percussion
Remigio Esposito — drums, vibraphone

Songs / Tracks Listing:
1. Canto Del Capro (6:30)
2. Trittico (7:14)
3. Euterpe (4:27)
4. Scinsicne (T.R.M) (5:39)
5. Melos (4:55)
6. Galassia (5:45)
7. Affresco (1:11)

Total Time: 35:41

Release information:
LP Ricordi SMRL 6119 (1973)
CD Contempo CONTE 002 (1991)
CD BMG 74321-98444-2 (2003)



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