Napoli Centrale (Italy)

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Napoli Centrale (Italy)

Сообщение автор hiped в Пт Май 28, 2010 9:03 pm

Artist: Napoli Centrale
Country: Italy
Album: Napoly Centrale
Year: 1975 (reissue - BMG, 2001)
Label: Ricordi
Style: Progressive Rock
Genre: fusion, jazz
Format: FLAC(separate)+CUE+LOG+SCANS
Size: 234 mb
Source: My CD collection

Napoli Centrale were formed by the nucleus of Showmen after the band's split, when James Senese and Franco Del Prete, along with American keyboardist Mark Harris and English bass player Tony Walmsley veered toward a personal blend of jazz-rock and popular music leaving any traces of prog behind them.

With lyrics sung in Neapolitan dialect, the first single Campagna became a hit.
The six-track debut album was in a similar style, the strong lyrics dealing with social problems while the music was sometimes very original.
After the LP release, bassist Tony Walmsley left the band to join the reformed Rovescio della Medaglia, and was soon followed by Mark Harris, they were replaced by keyboardist Pippo Guarnera and various bass players, Bruno Limone, Giovanni Ferla and the last one the Trinidad born Kelvin Bullen. This line-up had a good live activity, with a couple of important concerts, in Rome opening for Weather Report and the Duke-Cobham Band, and later at the legendary Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, then they broke up at the end of 1975.

A second album was released in 1976, with help from many well-known session musicians among which drummers Bruno Biriaco (Perigeo), Agostino Marangolo (Flea and Goblin), and Marvin "Boogaloo" Smith, and was in the same style as the first LP.

Third album came in 1977, with the founding duo helped by other musicians, and was more jazz-oriented than their previous works. Among the band musicians in these years were keyboardist Ciro Ciscognetti from Fabio Celi & gli Infermieri and a young Pino Daniele on bass, later a popular solo artist. Even the previous keyboardist, Pippo Guarnera, who in 1976 had joined Eugenio Finardi's band, played on Qualcosa ca nun more.

After the band split James Senese started a solo career with the first two albums in 1983-84, while both him and Del Prete were very active as session musicians.
Keyboardist Mark Harris, still living in Italy, has launched his own record label, Saint Rock, to promote new Italian artists (see link below).

A revamped line-up of Napoli Centrale was created by James Senese in the late 80's, with Savio Riccardi (keyboards), Gigi De Rienzo (bass) and Agostino Marangolo (drums). This line-up released two albums, Jesceallah in 1992, including reworkings of early tracks, and 'Ngazzate nire in 1994. Another album followed in 2001, entitled Zitte! Sta venenn' 'o mammone. (ITALIANPROG)

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Campagna (7:56)
2. 'A gente 'e bucciano (8:42)
3. Pensione floridiana (3:32)
4. Viecchie, mugliere, muorte e criature (10:02)
5. Vico primo parisee n°8 (7:37)
6. 'O lupo s'ha mangiato 'a pecurella (6:49)

Line-up / Musicians
- James Senese / sax, flute, vocals
- Mark Harris / keyboards
- Franco Del Prete / keyboards
- Toni Walmsley / bass

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Re: Napoli Centrale (Italy)

Сообщение автор fovit в Пт Май 28, 2010 9:55 pm

Ух ты! Нету этого альбома у меня. Заценю сейчас. Спасибо!

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Re: Napoli Centrale (Italy)

Сообщение автор olaf_alien в Сб Май 29, 2010 2:17 am

Спасибо, забираю!!

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Re: Napoli Centrale (Italy)

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