Chiave Di Volta (Italy) - Ritratto Libero, 2004 [2006, MALS]

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Chiave Di Volta (Italy) - Ritratto Libero, 2004 [2006, MALS]

Сообщение автор fovit в Чт Май 27, 2010 10:40 pm

Artist: Chiave Di Volta
Album: Ritratto Libero
Year: 2004
Label: MALS/Lizard, 2006
Style: Progressive Rock
Genre: Italian Symphonic Prog
Format: FLAC (separate)+CUE+LOG+Covers
Size: 401 Mb
Source: my CD collection

This Florintine newcomer to the Italian School of Prog continues the fine tradition of beautiful progressive rock arrangements and just released their debut opus "Ritratto Libero" with a variety of influences: from Jazz to Jazz rock and post rock, Italian songs, art rock, passing from classical to punk while blinking to Italian folk ect... but no single genre would come useful in such a list to completely define CdV's music. In their first studio cd, like in all first works, one could spot some clear references, but the influences are (hopefully) merged in a "Chiave di Volta" signature.

Vieri Villi - voice & flute
Nicola Torpei - guitars
Gabriele Pasquali - keyboards
Donato Masci - bass
Mattia Garofoli - drums

Track Listings:
1. Il Viaggio (4:56)
2. OniricaMente(10:52)
3. Dietro le Mura (7:19)
4. Ritratto Libero (15:23)
5. Involuzioni Rapide (8:32)
6. Ballo al Molino (8:19)

Total Time: 55:21



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Re: Chiave Di Volta (Italy) - Ritratto Libero, 2004 [2006, MALS]

Сообщение автор vknish в Сб Июн 05, 2010 9:49 pm

Remarkable group. Pure Italian prog.
It's a pity that only one album they released (not counting live)

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