Dave Weckl Band(USA) - Perpetual Motion (2002)

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Dave Weckl Band(USA) - Perpetual Motion (2002)

Сообщение автор kelia99 в Пт Апр 09, 2010 2:33 am

Dave Weckl Band(USA) - Perpetual Motion (2002)

Just about anyone who has followed jazz and jazz-fusion should be familiar with drummer Dave Weckl’s enviable talents. The artist came to prominence back in the '80s, performing with pianist Chick Corea’s electric (fusion) and acoustic (mainstream jazz) bands. Since then, Weckl has issued several solo outings amid guest spots with various ensembles. He’s released instructional videos/DVDs for aspiring drummers out there who need to know either the mechanics behind his technical faculties or to simply pick up a few tips. However, most of Weckl’s solo efforts skirt the boundaries of contemporary, radio-friendly jazz in concert with in-the-pocket grooves, spanning Latin, funk and fusion. With his latest, the drummer steers his quartet thru more of the same. But many of these works feature strong soloing endeavors by saxophonist Brandon Fields and keyboardist Steve Weingart.
The quartet benefits from a revved up horn section on selected tracks. The drummer institutes polyrhythmic beats that primarily serve as a launching pad for his associates' funkified choruses and shimmering solo spots. In addition, many of these numbers feature memorable hooks amid a few odd-metered time signatures and upbeat, acoustic/electric based frameworks. Weckl’s fifth recording for Stretch Records is a thoroughly happening engagement. No doubt, the drummer is a groove merchant extraordinaire.

Year: 2002
Origin: USA
Genre: jazz-rock, fusion, drums, instrumental, funk
Quality: (FLAC,cue,Log, cover,3% Recovery record)
Size: 465 mb
Source: My CD collection

Track List:

01. Double Up
02. Child's Play
03. Mesmer-Eyes
04. Skipper
05. Oasis
06. 7th Sense
07. Overdrive
08. 12 Acres
09. Slingshot
10. Beacon
11. Tiempo de Festival

Total Time: 63:56

Line-up Musicians:

-Dave Weckl / Drums,Percussion
-Tom Kennedy / Bass
-Brandon Fields / Saxophone
-Steve Weingart: Keyboards
-Gary Grant / Trumpet
-Jerry Hey / Trumpet
-Bill Reichenbach / Trombone
-Claire Weckl / Vocals

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Re: Dave Weckl Band(USA) - Perpetual Motion (2002)

Сообщение автор ????? в Пт Апр 23, 2010 7:26 pm

Thank you !!

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