OSE (France)

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OSE (France)

Сообщение автор Pollux в Чт Мар 11, 2010 12:11 pm

Artist: Ose
Album: Adonia
Year: 1978
Label: Tachika
Style: Progressive Rock
Genre: Electronic
Format: Flac (separate) +Cue+Log+Scans
Size: 316MB

Source: CD Collection

Heldon moved into 1978 in good stead, Pinhas taking some time off to become involved in sessions with fellow Parisian Herve Picart's "OSE", recording an LP for EGG Records ("The Most Progressive Music Experience") which took place in June. The result was entitled "Adonia", and has to do with goings on in an earth colony on a distant planet. Picart's (Synthesizers, Keyboards, Guitars) compositions are in the French progressive tradition, but that not withstanding, the presence of Pinhas (Synthesizers. Sequencers, Guitar) and Francois Auger (Drums) assure that this is a Heldon LP, despite Picart's composition of this suite.
"Approche Sur A" kicks off the LP with a drone in A major, over which synthesizers and guitar are layered, and the sequencers pulsate into a drum groove, and cycles through a rather conventional "Prog Rock" chord progression, Picart's Blues guitar contrasting with Pinhas' quantum power sound.
"29h O8 mn" opens side B with another sequencer/drum groove, which enters after an echoed Moog solo. Then the counterpoint melodies are faded in, the middle being filled by polymoog chords as the soloist uses the Minimoog Pitchbend for emphasis. Doubletracked guitar (Pinhas) and synthesizer herald the drums, another counter rhythm being setup, varied, and tossed in and out of the sequencer groove. Unfortunately, the track fades before it takes off.
"L'Aube Jumelle" arrives next on a bed of White noise, and a Klaus Schulze-like synthesizer solo by Picart, those Rick Wright chords enter again behind a nice little double-tracked "Space Blues" guitar solo.
"Retour sur Adonia" closes the LP, once again the tune is almost straight progressive rock, pushed along quickly to conclusion by Pinhas' sequence. An interesting LP that gives an insight to the ability of these musicians to bring together two related but oft divided musical streams.
"From Mutant Sounds"

Studio Album Released in 1978

Track Listing

1. Approche Sur A (16:06)
2. Orgasmachine (3:46)
3. 29h 08mn (6:58)
4. L'Aube Jumelle (9:51)
5. Retour Sur Adonia (3:41)

Line Up/Musicians

- Herve Picart Keyboards, Synthesizer, Bass, Guitar
- Francois Auger Drums
- Richard Pinhas Synthesizer, Guitar

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Re: OSE (France)

Сообщение автор spAceLover в Чт Мар 11, 2010 4:44 pm

Thanks, Phil!
The French electronic music is one of the best! sunny

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Re: OSE (France)

Сообщение автор alex752 в Вт Мар 16, 2010 3:16 am

Thank you!

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Re: OSE (France)

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