Crabs - Wheel Of Fate (1994)

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Crabs - Wheel Of Fate (1994)

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Artist: Crabs
Album: Wheel Of Fate
Year: 1994
Label: Garden of Delights (1997, CD 023)
Genre: Rock
Style: Psychedelic Rock/Heavy Psych
Format: Lossless
Form: RAR(+3%) Flac(separate)+CUE+LOG+HQ SCANS
Size: 353 Mb
Source: My CD collection
Garden of Delights:
For once, no re-release of an old record from the 70s but a more recent band. The Crabs, from the northern edge of the Black Forest in the German region of Swabia, were founded in 1986 by former members of the group Otto Rhombisch and played psychedelic with a slight New Wave or Gothic touch, which is recognizable especially in the singing. In spring 1994 they recorded a couple of songs which were intended to form the material for their first LP. But the project was left un-finished since in the summer of that year the band broke up. It would have been a pity to let the tapes rot away unused, and so they were in the end released on CD after all. But be careful - to those who are totally dedicated to the 70s it will probably sound too new. The tasteful psychedelic cover artwork was created by singer Lea Bayer.

- Lea Bayer - Vocals
- Karl-Heinz Forg - Bass
- Ralf Hahnle - Guitar
- Andreas Rall - Drums

1. Change Bad Horizons 3:01
2. Wheel Of Fate 4:20
3. We Are We 5:13
4. Nirvana (Tell Me No Lie) 5:19
5. Velvet Rain 4:25
6. Sentimental Blues 3:55
7. MM 2:01
8. Wake Up 2:01
9. Clean Machine 10:25
10. Light Of Love 3:14
11. Radioactive 4:35
12. Love, Peace, Harmony 2:32
13. Into The World Of Sound 4:04


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