Eye To Eye - After All...(2009)

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Eye To Eye - After All...(2009)

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Influences Pink Floyd, Marillion, IQ, Yes, Genesis, Pendagron, Pallas
Record Label Musea

Studio Album, released in 2009
Выходной формат : EAC/FLAC
Выбранный битрейт : 1024 kBit/s
Size: 516 МБ (541 798 400 байт)
Total Time:1:15:26

EYE 2 EYE appeared in the year 2006 with a slightly different spelling, and a first album published on the Musea label, "One In Every Crowd". About three years later, this French band comes back with a new singer and a new bass player, for a second effort called "After all...". Here's the same type of music as before, with improved ingredients, especially as far as melodies are concerned. Although still influenced by early MARILLION or PENDRAGON albums, without mentioning the "first generation" of GENESIS or PINK FLOYD, EYE 2 EYE has firmly established its own personality. With three pieces lasting a quarter of an hour (Three on the present album !), the musicians prefer complex and ambitious pieces. They also like bombastic keyboards, beautiful and lyrical guitar parts, enhanced by a precise and sober rhythm section. Here's a well-balanced music, with delicacy and power in the same time. All neo Progressive lovers, and also fans of David GILMOUR, will certainly find "After all..." delightful. Excellent stuff !"

Track Listings:
1 - Overture (2'54)
2 - Tears of a clown (8'19)
3 - Cold and happy (9'03)
4 - Wasted (6'40)
5 - A celebration (15'20)
6 - Pouring rain (6'22)
7 - Hovering (13'07)
8 - After all (14'30)

A. ALI BENALI (Guitars)
P.BENABES (Keyboards)
J. DALY (Vocals)
D. PEGUES (Drums and Piano)


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